This volume was reprinted in America in 1983, by WM. B. Eerdmans Publishing Company in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Please note that in this volume the page numbers begin at 1 again for the section on Gregory the Great.

VolumeWorks PagesCPG/CPL
Volume 12: Leo the Great and Gregory the Great
Leo the Great
Editor/Translator: Rev. Charles Lett Feltoe
Lettersp. 1-114
Sermonsp. 115-205
Indexesp. 207-216
Gregory the Great
Editor/Translator: Rev. James Barmby
Prolegomenap. vi-xxx
The Book of Pastoral Rulep. 1-72
Register of the Epistles of Saint Gregory the Great
Book Ip. 73-100
Book IIp. 101-121
Book IIIp. 122-143
Book IVp. 144-161
Book Vp. 162-187
Book VIp. 188-209
Book VIIp. 210-230
Book VIIIp. 231-243
Indexesp. 245-251

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