This volume was reprinted in America in October, 1983, by WM. B. Eerdmans Publishing Company in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Volume 13: Gregory the Great, Ephraim Syrus, and Aphrahat
Gregory the Great
Selected Epistles of Gregory the Great
Book IXp. 1-42Rev. James Barmby
Book Xp. 43-51Rev. James Barmby
Book XIp. 52-86Rev. James Barmby
Book XIIp. 87-91Rev. James Barmby
Book XIIIp. 92-102Rev. James Barmby
Book XIVp. 103-111Rev. James Barmby
Ephraim Syrusp. 120-152John Gwynn
Aphrahatp. 152-162John Gwynn
Ephraim Syrus
Nisibine Hymnsp. 167-219Rev. J. T. Starsfield Stopford
Nineteen Hymns on the Nativity of Christ in the Fleshp. 223-262Rev. J. B. Morris
Fifteen Hymns for the Feast of the Epiphanyp. 265-289Rev. A. Edward Johnston
The Pearl: Seven Hymns on the Faithp. 293-301Rev. J. B. Morris
Three Homilies
I. On Our Lordp. 305-330Rev. A. Edward Johnston
II. On Admonition and Repentancep. 330-336Rev. A. Edward Johnston
III. On the Sinful Womanp. 336-341Rev. A. Edward Johnston
Select Demonstrations
Letter of an Inquirerp. 345John Gwynn
I. Of Faithp. 345-352John Gwynn
V. Of Warsp. 352-362John Gwynn
VI. Of Monksp. 362-375John Gwynn
VIII. Of the Resurrection of the Deadp. 375-383John Gwynn
X. Of Pastorsp. 383-392John Gwynn
XXI. Of Persecutionp. 392-402John Gwynn
XXII. Of Death and the Latter Timesp. 402-412John Gwynn
Indexesp. 415-433

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