This volume was first printed in England in 1891. It was reprinted in America in August, 1980, by WM. B. Eerdmans Publishing Company in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Volume 4: Select Writings and Letters of Athanasius
Against the Heathenp.1-30Archibald RobertsonCPG 2090
On the Incarnationp. 31-67Archibald RobertsonCPG 2091
Deposition of Arius and circular letterp. 68-72Rev. M. Atkinson; John Henry Newman; Archibald Robertson
Council of Nicaeap. 73-82John Henry Newman; Archibald RobertsonCPG 3502
Statement of Faithp. 83-85Archibald Robertson
On Luke X. 22
(Matthew XI. 27)
p. 86-90Archibald RobertsonCPG 2099
Encyclical Letterp. 91-96Rev. M. Atkinson; John Henry Newman; Archibald RobertsonCPG 2124
Apologyp. 97-148Rev. M. Atkinson; John Henry Newman; Archibald RobertsonCPG 2123
Defense of the Nicene Councilp. 149-172John Henry Newman; Archibald RobertsonPG 2120
Defense of Dionysius, Bishop of Alexandriap. 173-187Archibald RobertsonCPG 2121
Life of Antonyp. 188-221Rev. H. Ellershaw; Archibald RobertsonCPG 2101
Circular to Bishops of Egypt and Libyap. 222-235Rev. M. Atkinson; John Henry Newman; Archibald RobertsonCPG 2092
Apology to the Emperorp. 236-253Rev. M. Atkinson; John Henry Newman; Archibald RobertsonCPG 2129
Defense of his Flightp. 254-265Rev. M. Atkinson; John Henry Newman; Archibald RobertsonCPG 2122
Arian Historyp. 266-302Rev. M. Atkinson; John Henry Newman; Archibald RobertsonCPG 2127
Against the Ariansp. 303-447John Henry Newman; Archibald RobertsonCPG 2093
CPG 2230
On the Councils of Ariminum and Seleuciap. 448-480John Henry Newman; Archibald RobertsonCPG 2128
Synodal Letter (Tomus ad Antiochenos)p. 481-486Archibald RobertsonCPG 2134
Synodal Letter Appendixp. 487Rev. H. Ellershaw
Synodal Letter (ad Afros)p. 488-494Archibald RobertsonCPG 2133
Introduction to Festal Lettersp. 495-505Miss Payne-Smith; Archibald Robertson
Letters 1-45 of Athanasius: Festal Lettersp. 506-553Miss Payne-Smith; Archibald RobertsonCPG 2102
Personal Letter 46 of Athanasius (Ad Ecclesias Mareoticas)p.554Archibald RobertsonCPG 2112
Personal Letter 47 of Athanasius (Ad Ecclesiam Alexandriae)p. 555Archibald RobertsonCPG 2111
Personal Letter 48 of Athanasius (Ad Amun)p. 556Archibald RobertsonCPG 2106
Personal Letter 49 of Athanasius (Ad Dracontium)p. 557-560Archibald RobertsonCPG 2132
Personal Letters 50, 51 of Athanasius (Ad Luciferum Epistolae duae)p. 561-562Archibald RobertsonCPG 2232
Personal Letters 52, 53 of Athanasius (Ad monachos Epp. duae)p. 563Archibald RobertsonCPG 2108
Personal Letter 54 of Athanasius (Ad Serapionem de morte Arii)p. 564-565Archibald RobertsonCPG 2125
Personal Letter 55 of Athanasius (Ad Rufinianum)p. 566Archibald RobertsonCPG 2107
Personal Letter 56 of Athanasius (Ad Imperatorem Jovianum)p. 567-568Archibald RobertsonCPG 2135
Personal Letters 57, 58 of Athanasius (Ad Orsisium)p. 569Archibald RobertsonCPG 2103
CPG 2104
Personal Letter 59 of Athanasius (Ad Epictetum)p. 570-574Archibald RobertsonCPG 2095
Personal Letter 60 of Athanasius (Ad Adelphium)p. 575-577Archibald RobertsonCPG 2098
Personal Letter 61 of Athanasius (Ad Maximum philosophum)p. 578Archibald RobertsonCPG 2100
Personal Letter 62 of Athanasius (Ad Joannem et Antiochum)p. 579Archibald RobertsonCPG 2130
Personal Letter 63 of Athanasius (Ad Palladium)p. 580Archibald RobertsonCPG 2131
Personal Letter 64 of Athanasius (Ad Diodorum)p. 580Archibald RobertsonCPG 2164
Note on Letters not Included in this Collectionp. 581Archibald Robertson
Indexesp. 582-606

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