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Volume 7:Cyril of Jerusalem and Gregory Nazianzen
Cyril of Jerusalem
Translated by Edward Hamilton Gifford and Henry Wace
Procatechesisp. 1-5
Catechetical Letters
Lecture 1: To those who are to be enlightenedp. 6-7
Lecture 2: On Repentance and Remission of Sins, and Concerning the Adversaryp. 8-13
Lecture 3: On Baptismp. 14-18
Lecture 4: On the Ten points of Doctrinep. 19-28
Lecture 5: On Faithp. 29-32
Lecture 6: Concerning the Unity of Godp. 33-43
Lecture 7: The Fatherp. 44-47
Lecture 8: Almightyp. 48-50
Lecture 9: On the words, "Maker of Heaven and Earth, and of all things visible and invisible"p. 51-56
Lecture 10: On the words, "and in one Lord Jesus Christ"p. 57-63
Lecture 11: On the words, "the only-begotten Son of God...all things were made"p. 64-71
Lecture 12: On the words, "incarnate and made man"p. 72-81
Lecture 13: On the words, "crucified and buried"p. 82-93
Lecture 14: On the words, "and rose again from the dead...on the right hand of the Father"p. 94-103
Lecture 15: On the words, "and shall come in glory....whose kingdom there shall be no end"p. 104-114
Lecture 16: On the words, " and in one Holy Ghost, the Comforter, which spake in the Prophets"p. 115-123
Lecture 17: Continuation of the Discourse on the Holy Ghostp. 124-133
Lecture 18: On the words, "and in one Holy Catholic Church, and in the resurrection of the flesh, and the life everlasting"p. 134-143
Catechetical Lectures to the Newly Baptized
Lecture 19: First Lecture on the Mysteriesp. 144-146
Lecture 20: On Baptismp. 147-148
Lecture 21: On Chrismp. 149-150
Lecture 22: On the Body and Blood of Christp. 151-152
Lecture 23: On the Sacred Liturgy and Communionp. 153-157
Indexesp. 159-183
Gregory Nazianzen
Translated by Charles Gordon Browne and James Edward Swallow
Prolegomenap. 187-202
OrationsCPG 3010
Oration 1. On Easter and his reluctancep. 203-204
Oration 2: In defense of his flight to Pontusp. 204-227
Oration 3: To those who had invited him, and not come to receive himp. 227-229
Oration 7: Panegyric on his brother, S. Caesariusp. 229-238
Oration 8: On his sister Gorgoniap. 238-245
Oration 12: To his father, when he had entrusted to him the care of the church of Nazianzusp. 245-247
Oration 16: On his father's silence, because of the plague of hailp. 247-254
Oration 18: On the death of his fatherp. 254-269
Oration 21: On the great Athanasius, Bishop of Alexandriap. 269-280
Oration 27: The first theological oration-a preliminary discourse against the Eunomiansp. 280-288
Oration 28: The second theological orationp. 288-301
Oration 29: The third theological oration-on the Sonp. 301-309
Oration 30: The fourth theological oration, which is the second concerning the Sonp. 309-318
Oration 31: The fifth theological oration-on the Holy Spiritp. 318-328
Oration 33: Against the Arians, and concerning himselfp. 328-334
Oration 34: On the arrival of the Egyptiansp. 334-338
Oration 37: On the words of the Gospel, "When Jesus had finished these sayings," etc. Matthew 19:1p. 338-344
Oration 38: On the Theophany, or birthday of Christp. 344-351
Oration 39: Oration on the Holy Lightsp. 351-359
Oration 40: The oration on Holy Baptismp. 360-377
Oration 41: On Pentecostp. 378-385
Oration 42: "The Last Farewell"p. 385-395
Oration 43: The Panegyric on St. Basilp. 395-422
Oration 45: The second oration on Easterp. 422-434
LettersCPG 3032
Letters on the Apollinarian Controversyp. 437-445
Correspondence with Saint Basil the Great, Archbishop of Caesareap. 446-456
Letter to his brother Caesariusp. 457-459
Letters to S. Gregory of Nyssap. 459-462
Letters to Eusebius, Bishop of Samosatap. 462-464
Letters to Sophronius, Prefect of Constantinoplep. 464-466
Letters to Amphilochius the Youngerp. 466-468
Letter to Amphilochius the Elderp. 468
Letters to Amphilochius, Bishop of Iconiump. 469
Letters to Nectarius, Archbishop of Constantinoplep. 469-471
Letters to Theodore, Bishop of Tyanap. 471-473
Letter to Bosporius, Bishop of Coloniap. 473
Letters to Theodore, Archbishop of Tyanap. 473-475
Letter to Theodore of Mopsuestiap. 475-476
Letters to Nicobulusp. 476-477
Letters to Olympiusp. 477-482
Indexesp. 483-498

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