Letter Number: 15
Reference: CPG 4405
PG 52, 619-620
Incipit: Σὺ δέ μοι προσεδόκησας, τοσαύτην ἐκ νεότητός
Date: Spring 406 (Delmaire, Malingrey)
Greek Text: A.-M. Malingrey, Jean Chrysostome. Lettres à Olympias. Seconde édition augmentée de la Vie anonyme d’Olympias (SC 13bis), Paris: Les Éditions du CERF, 1968.
Other Modern Translations: French (A.-M. Malingrey); Italian, Spanish, and Portuguese (see Centre for Early Christian Studies)
Notes: This is the lone exception where the PG and SC both list this as letter 15.

Created NJ 3/4/16

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