Reference numbers Urk. 21
Doc. 23
CPG 2047
Incipit [Si verum inquit]
Date June 325
Ancient source Ambrose, On the Christian Faith 3.15
Modern edition used Opitz, Hans-Georg, Urkunden zur Geschichte des arianischen Streites, 318-328 (Berlin: W. de Gruyter, 1934) p. 42

[Eusebius, the originator of these things, shows this to be true when he writes in his letter:]

If we say that the Son of God is also uncreated, we begin to confess that he is of one being (homoousios) with the Father!

[After this letter was read at the Council of Nicaea, the fathers put this same word into their explanation of the faith, because they saw that it was terrifying to their opponents.]

Translation by AJW

Other translations in Hanson, p. 31; NPNF2 vol. 10, p. 260

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