Reference numbers Urk. 28
Doc. 32
CPG 2056
Incipit Ὅση τῆς θείας ὀργῆς
Date Nov.-Dec. 325
Ancient source used Athanasius, Defense of the Nicene Definition 42
Modern edition used H-G. Opitz, Athanasius Werke (Berlin: De Gruyter, 1940).

Constantine Augustus the Victorious to Theodotus.

(1.) How great is the power of divine wrath which has come forth recently! You can easily learn this from what has happened to Eusebius and Theognius. They treated the most holy religion with abusive, drunken violence, and when they were in the private company of their gang of robbers, they continued to defile the name of our Savior God even after they had been granted pardon. They ought to have corrected their former error, especially after complete agreement was reached at the council. But instead at this time they were discovered to be standing fast in their former absurdities. (2.) And so for this reason Divine Providence cast them out from her people. For since she could not bear to watch as innocent souls were corrupted by the madness of a few, she now demands that they be given fitting punishment, and will receive even greater punishment in the future throughout all ages.

(3.) I thought I needed to make this known to you, to aid your discernment, so that if the wicked advice of such men as these were to influence your decisions — and I do not at all think this is the case — you would cleanse your mind by removing these thoughts, as would be appropriate, and be eager to submit your cleansed understanding, purified dedication, and undefiled faith to our Savior God. In fact, this would be the appropriate action for anyone who desires to be worthy of the incorruptible rewards of eternal life.

And in another handwriting:

God will watch over you, beloved brother.

Translation by AJW

Other translation in A New Eusebius, J. Stevenson, ed. (London: S.P.C.K., 1957). This is NOT found in the 1987 edition of A New Eusebius edited by W.H.C. Frend.

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