Reference numbers Urk. 29
Doc. 33
CPG 2040)
Incipit Πάλαι μὲν ἐδηλώθη
Date 27th Nov. 327
Ancient source Socrates, HE 1.25.7
Modern edition used W. Bright, Socrates’ ecclesiastical history, 2nd edition (Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1893)

Constantine the Great Augustus, to Arius.

It was made known to you in your stubbornness some time ago, that you might want to come to our headquarters, so that perhaps you could enjoy the privilege of seeing us. We are quite amazed that you did not do so immediately. Therefore, now board a public (official) vehicle, and hasten to come to our court. This way, once you have been in our company and obtained favor from us, you may be able to return to your own country. May God protect you, beloved.

Dated the twenty-seventh of November.

Translation by AJW

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