3.1.1 We have presented the events in the first and second books of our church history sequentially. We began with the reign of victorious Emperor Constantine, who was inspired by Christ. We covered everything from then until the end of the negotiations at the holy council in Nicaea. We have thus given a sense of what has happened, from the siege laid against the churches of God by God-hating tyrants to the humiliating downfall of the same ungodly tyrants.

3.1.2 Christ, the bridegroom of the church, nobly armed his worthy servant Constantine with the weapon of his dear cross and arose against those ungodly men.

3.1.3 So he gave him the trophy of victory against those tyrants, put them all to death under the feet of God-loving Constantine, and through him granted profound peace from above to the churches throughout his empire.

3.1.4 Afterwards, that hostile demon who hates good again set a scheme in motion to oppose that peace through wicked Arius.

3.1.5 Because of him and because of the ungodly blasphemies he spoke against the Son of God, God arranged the holy great ecumenical council in Nicaea through his servant, the God-loving Emperor Constantine.

3.1.6 By the grace of Christ our God, we have to the best of our ability clearly presented the business the Holy Spirit carried out at the council through the holy, orthodox high priests there, three hundred in number.

3.1.7 So I will proceed from here with an account of the emperor’s piety and how he was constantly concerned for the churches of God.


Next Chapter – 3.2 The most God-loving Emperor Constantine’s unyielding haste concerning godly things

Previous Chapter – 2.38 A catalogue of the holy bishops through whom the holy and great and ecumenical synod sent out the things decreed in it through them by the Holy Spirit to all the churches of God throughout the entire world

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