3.3.1 “Victor Constantinus Maximus Augustus, to Eusebius. Up to the present day, impious plans and tyranny are pursuing the servants of our God and Savior. I believe and am thoroughly convinced, dear brother, that the holy buildings of all the churches have either completely crumbled from neglect or have received less than proper care due to fear of impending danger.

3.3.2 But now freedom has been restored, and that dragon has been driven out from government of the state by the wise God’s providence through our service. I believe that God has made his power obvious to everyone and that those who previously had embraced fear, unbelief, or any other sin but have come to know him who truly is God will come to the true and right faith and way of living.

3.3.3 Therefore if any churches are under your authority, or if you know other bishops, priests, and deacons in authority in each place, remind them to zealously undertake the work of building the churches. Let them repair or enlarge existing buildings, and let them build new ones wherever necessary.

3.3.4 You should request from the governors and the prefect’s office whatever supplies you and the others need. They have received orders to do whatever your holiness commands with utmost zeal. May God preserve you, dear brother.”

3.3.5 The emperor sent these instructions for building churches to Eusebius Pamphili and to the bishops in authority in each province.

3.3.6 Moreover, one can easily ascertain his written instructions to Eusebius of Palestine for preparing copies of the holy books from the letter itself:1


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  1. The following letter is also preserved in Eusebius, Vita Const. 4.36; Socrates 1.9.50-55; Theodoret 1.16.1-4.

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