Key Facts:

Date 341
Location Antioch
Number of Participants 90
Summoned by Constantius II
Chaired by Flaccillus of Antioch
Key Participants Eusebius of Nicomedia, Acacius of Caesarea
Key Issue Dedication of the Great Church, responding to Julius of Rome’s request for an eastern delegation to be sent to Rome to deal with the question of Athanasius and Marcellus
Key Events Production of four creeds: First – rejected Julius’ charge of Arianism; Second – the official creed; Third – Theophinius of Tyana; Fourth – written up a few months later and sent to Emperor Constans
Primary Source Descriptions Socrates, Historia Ecclesiastica 2.8-2.10.20, 2.18.3-6a; Sozomen, Historia Ecclesiastica 3.5-3.6.8

Surviving Documents:

First Creed of Antioch

Second Creed of Antioch

Third Creed of Antioch

Fourth Creed of Antioch

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