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Date 341 (or 342; written some months after the council)
Council Antioch
CPG 8559
Greek Text Hahn, Bibliothek der Symbole und Glaubensregeln der Alten Kirche (Breslau: E. Morgenstern, 1897), 187-8.
Ancient Source Athanasius, De Synodis, 25; Socrates, HE 2.18.3-6a

We believe in one God, the Father Almighty, creator and maker of all things; from whom all fatherhood in heaven and on earth is named (Ephesians 3:15).

And in His only-begotten Son, our Lord Jesus Christ, who before all ages was begotten from the Father, God from God, Light from Light, by whom all things were made in the heavens and on the earth, visible and invisible, being Word, and Wisdom, and Power, and Life, and True Light; who in the last days was made man for us, and was born of the holy virgin; who was crucified, and died, and was buried, and rose again from the dead the third day, and was taken up into heaven, and sat down on the right hand of the Father; and is coming at the consummation of the age, to judge the living and the dead, and to render to everyone according to his works; whose kingdom endures indissolubly into the infinite ages; for He shall be seated on the right hand of the Father, not only in this age but in that which is to come.

And in the Holy Ghost, that is, the Paraclete; which, having promised to the Apostles, He sent forth after His ascension into heaven, to teach them and to remind of all things; through whom also shall be sanctified the souls of those who sincerely believe in Him.

But those who say that the Son was from nothing, or from other subsistence and not from God, and, there was a time when He was not, the catholic church regards as aliens.

Translation from Athanasius, De Synodis 25 (NPNF23 vol. 4, p. 462)

See also J.N.D. Kelly, Early Christian Creeds3, 271-273.

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