This map is based on Pachomian Koinonia, Vol. 2: Pachomian Chronicles and Rules, trans. Armand Veilleux (Kalamazoo, Mich.: Cistercian Studies, 1981), pp. 145-67.

Superior: head of the entire monastery
Second: does bidding of the superior; second in command
Housemaster: one for each house; usually main disciplinarian and one who grants permission
Leaders: those who have been appointed specific duties or areas of expertise
Ministers: those in charge of leading religious services
Elders: seasoned monks who are looked to in certain circumstances for advice
Housemates: those who live together in the same house
Porter: the doorman; given many duties
Weekly server: this position can be passed around to many monks each week; in charge of specific duties for that particular week
Infirmarian: the one charged with caring for the sick
Guestmaster: the one in charge of housing and supervising guests
Bakers: those who are in charge of the baking
Cooks: those who are in charge of preparing the meals
Boatmen: those who are in charge of fishing
Gardner: in charge of all gardening business
Palms Supervisor: in charge of all the palms; the distributor
Teachers: those who teach new monks
Steward: has various leadership roles
Farmers: in charge of the fields; planting and harvesting
Herdsmen: in charge of caring for the flocks and herds

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