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Jerome (c. 347-419) is most well-known as the father of the Latin Bible, the Vulgate. He was born as Eusebius Hieronymus in remote Strido on the border of Dalmatia. From ca.360-366 he studied literature at Rome, under the guidance of Aelius Donatus. In 366 Jerome was baptized in Rome. He then sought his fortune at the imperial court of Trier. It was at Trier that Jerome encountered the Eastern ideal of monasticism. Around 370 he left his career as a civil servant and returned to Italy, There he spent some time in Aquileia, where he lived in a monastic community which included Rufinus of Aquileia. However, the group was dissolved for unknown reasons. Jerome set out for the east about 372; he initially stayed in Antioch where he perfected his Greek. From 375 to 377 he lived as a hermit in the desert region of Chalcis in Syria. While there Jerome began to study Hebrew. In 377 Jerome abandoned his reclusive life and returned to Antioch where a schism had divided the Christian community between the two bishops Melitius and Paulinus. Jerome sided with Paulinus and accepted ordination to the priesthood from him on the condition of not having to give up his monastic freedom.

Later, Jerome and Paulinus went to Constantinople in the hope of gaining support from the council of 381 in the controversy with Melitius. In 382 they continued on to Rome to seek support from its bishop Damasus. Jerome gained the favor of Damasus who made him his secretary. In Rome, Jerome became the spiritual advisor to a group of noble ladies, among them Paula. After the death of Damasus (384), Jerome did not enjoy the favor of the new bishop Siricius, so he again traveled to  the east.  He was accompanied by Paula, making stops at Cyprus, Antioch, and Egypt. In 386 Jerome along with Paula founded a double monastery at Bethlehem. Jerome would not change his residence again. This was his great period of literary production, and through his pen he also stayed very active in the debates and controversies of his time. This included the Origenism debate between Jerome, Theophilus, Rufinus, and John of Jerusalem, as well as correspondence with Augustine of Hippo. Jerome died in 419.

The following is a complete listing of the works of Jerome in approximate chronological order. Each letter in the traditional corpus of Jerome’s correspondence has been listed separately with each item numbered according to the Hilberg edition (CSEL 54-55). To see a list of the corpus that includes the letters written to Jerome, go to Jerome’s Letters Only.

The incipit (opening words), addressee, and date of completion are provided where possible for each work. An asterisk (*) in front of the title denotes that the authorship of Jerome has been questioned. J.N.D. Kelly’s biography of Jerome has been the default for the dates provided (c = circa/about). In order to view more information about each letter or work (such as the scholarly source for the date, earliest surviving manuscript containing the work, identification numbers from Clavis Patrum Latinorum, alternate suggested dates, etc) simply click the title/letter number. Notice that some dates are known, and some are only approximately known. Letters 1-150 are either translated or summarized by Fremantle, whose work is available online, and whose date has been used if no date is given in Kelly. Other translations are noted in the individual letter pages.

Jerome Abbreviations

date Title/Letter No. Incipit Addressee CPL
c. 372-374 Letter 1 Saepe a me Innocentius, a priest 620
c. 372-374 Letter 2 Quam quam uellem Theodosius and the anchorites with him 620
c. 374 Letter 3 Plus Deum tribuere Rufinus, a monk 620
c. 374 Letter 4 Quantus beatitudinis tuae Florentius, a monk 620
374 First Commentary on Obadiah
c. 374-376 Letter 5 In ea {mihi} parte Florentius 620
c. 374-376 Letter 6 Antiquus sermo est Julianus, a deacon of Aquileia 620
c. 374-376 Letter 7 Non debet charta Chromatius, Jovinus, and Eusebius 620
c. 374-376 Letter 8 Turpillus comicus Niceas, a subdeacon of Aquileia 620
c. 374-376 Letter 9 Qui erga te affectus Chrysocomus, a monk 620
c. 374-376 Letter 11 Chartae exiguitas The Virgins of Aemona 620
c. 374-376 Letter 12 Dominus noster humilitatis Antonius, a monk 620
c. 374-376 Letter 13 Ioannes idem apostolus Castorina, Jerome’s maternal aunt 620
c. 374-376 Letter 14 Quanto {studio et} amore Heliodorus, a monk 620
c. 376 Letter 15 Quoniam uetusto Damasus of Rome 620
c. 376 Letter 16 Inportuna in euangelio Damasus of Rome 620
c. 376 Letter 17 Decreueram {quidem} utendum Marcus, an elder of the desert 620
c. 377-379 Letter 10 Humanae uitae breuitas Paulus, an old man 620
c. 377-382 Life of Paul the First Hermit Inter multos saepe dubitatum Paulus of Concordia 617
c. 379-381 Letter 18a Et factum est in anno Damasus of Rome 620
c. 379-381 Letter 18b {Septuaginta} et missum est Damasus of Rome 620
380/381 Chronicle Vetus iste disertorum mos Vincentius and Gallienus 615c
Pre-382 Dialogue Against the Luciferians Proxime accidit, ut quidem 608
Pre-383 Origen’s Homilies on Song of Songs Origines, cum in ceteris Damasus CPG 1432
c. 382-384 Letter 25 Nonagesimum psalmum Marcella 620
c. 382-384 Letter 26 Nuper [Super] cum pariter Marcella 620
c. 382-384 Letter 27 Post priorem epistulam Marcella 620
c. 382-384 Letter 28 Quae acceperis reddenda Marcella 620
c. 382-384 Letter 29 Epistol{ar}e officium {est} de Marcella 620
c. 382-384 Letter 30 Nudus tertius cum Paula 620
c. 382-384 Letter 31 Parua spe{cie} sed caritate Eustochium 620
c. 382-384 Letter 32 Ut tam paruam Marcella 620
c. 382-384 Letter 33 Marcum Terentium Varronem Paula 620
c. 382-384 Letter 34 Beatus Pamphilius martyr Marcella 620
c. 382-384 Letter 37 Nuper cum Reticii Marcella 620
c. 382-384 Letter 38 Abraham tentatur in filio Marcella 620
c. 382-384 Letter 40 Medici quos uocant Marcella 620
c. 382-384 Letter 41 Testimonia {quae} de Iohannis Marcella 620
c. 382-384 Letter 42 Breuis {ad se/est} quaestiuncula Marcella 620
c. 383 Letter 19 Commentaria cum legerem Damasus to Jerome 620
c. 383 Letter 20 Multi super hoc Damasus 620
c. 383 Letter 21 Beatitudinis tuae Damasus 620
Late 383? Against Helvidius Nuper rogatus a fratribus Helvidius 609
c. 384 Letter 22 Audi {filia} et uide et inclina Eustochium 620
384 Letter 24 Nemo reprehendat Marcella 620
382-384 Revision of the Old Latin Gospels Became part of the Vulgate Novum opus facere Damasus
382-384 Revision of the Old Latin Psalter (now lost)
384 Letter 23 Cum hora ferme tertia Marcella 620
384 Letter 35 Dormientem te Damasus to Jerome 620
384 Letter 36 Postquam epistulam Damasus 620
384 Letter 39 Quis dabit capiti Paula 620
c. 385 Letter 43 Ambrosius quo chartas Marcella 620
c. 385 Translation of Didymus on Holy Spirit Cum/Dum in Babylone uersarer Paulinian 615b
385 Letter 44 Ut absentia{m} corporum Marcella 620
385 Letter 45 Si tibi putem a me Asella 620
386 Translation of the Psalms based on the Greek
Also known as Gallican Psalter
Paula and Eustochium 591p
c. 387 Commentary on Ephesians, Galatians, Philemon, Titus Paula and Eustochium 591
c.387 Translations of Job, Chronicles and Books of Solomon according to the Greek – this was not incorporated into the Vulgate Paula and Eustochium, Dominon and Rogatianus 591g
c. 388-389 Letter 46 Mensura{m} caritas non habet Paula to Marcella 620
388/389 Commentary on Ecclesiastes Memini me ante Paula and Eustochium 583
c. 389/391 Commentary on Psalms Proxime cum Origenis 582
c. 389/391 Hebrew Names Philo vir disertissimus 581
c. 389/391 Book of Places Eusebius, qui a 581a
c. 389/391 Hebrew Questions (Questions on Genesis) Qui in principiis 580
c. 389/391 Tractatus on Psalms 10-16
389/390 Translation of Origen’s Homilies on St. Luke Paula and Eustochium CPG 1451
390/391 Life of Malchus the Captive Monk Qui nauali proelio dimicaturi sunt 619
c. 390- Homilies 592-607
Unknown Life of Hilarion Scripturus Vitam beati Asella 618
Pre-392/393 Origen’s Homilies on Ezekiel De prima uisione Hiezechielis 587a
Pre-392/393 Origen’s Homilies on Isaiah CPG 1438
Pre-392/393 Origen’s Homilies on Jeremiah Magnum est quidem, amice CPG 1437
392/393 Famous Men Hortaris me, Dexter Dexter 616
c. 392 Translation of Samuel and Kings (Regum) according to the Hebrew later incorporated into Vulgate 591r
c. 392 Translation of Psalms according to the Hebrew NOT later incorporated into Vulgate 591q
c. 393 Translation of Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, Daniel, and The Twelve Prophets according to the Hebrew later incorporated into Vulgate 591k
c. 393 Against Jovinian Pauci admodum dies sunt 610
c. 393 Letter 48 Christiani interdum pudoris Pammachius 620
c. 393 Letter 49 Quod ad te {huc} usque Pammachius 620
c. 393 Letter 50 Litterae tuae et amorem Domnionem 620
393 Letter 47 Lecto sermone dignationis tuae Desiderius 620
c. 393-395 Letter 59 Magnis nos prouocas Marcella 620
c. 394 Translation of Job according to the Hebrew later incorporated into the Vulgate  591h
394 Letter 51 Oportebat nos Epiphanius to Johannes of Jerusalem 620
CPG 3754
c. 394 Letter 56 Numquam [aeque] quisquam Augustine to Jerome 620
394 Letter 52 Petis [a me] Nepotiane Nepotianus 620
394 Letter 53 Frater Ambrosius mihi tua Paulinus, a priest 620
c. 394-398 Letter 55 Breui(s) epistula longas Amandus, a priest 620
c. 395-396 Letter 54 Obsecras litteris Furia 620
395 Letter 58 Bonus homo de bono Paulinus, a priest 620
395-396 Letter 57 Paulus apostolus praesente Pammachius 620
c. 396 Letter 61 Iustum quidem fuerat Vigilantius, a priest 620
396 Commentary on Jonah Triennium circiter fluxit Chromatius 589
396 Second Commentary on Obadiah Pammachius 589
c. 396 Translation of Ezra and Nehemiah according to the Hebrew later incorporated into the Vulgate Domino and Rogatianus 591c
c. 396 Translation of Chronicles according to the Hebrew later incorporated into the Vulgate Chromatius of Aquileia 591n
396 Letter 60 Grandes materias ingenia Heliodorus, a bishop 620
396-397 or 402 Letter 103 Anno praeterito per fratrem Augustine 620
c. 397 Letter 82 Domino uere sancto et Theophilus of Alexandria 620
397 Letter 67 Domino dilectissimo et cultu Augustine to Jerome 620
397 Against John of Jerusalem 612
397 Letter 64 Usque hodiein lectione Fabiola 620
397 Letter 65 Scio me Principia Principia, a virgin 620
397 Letter 68 Sanctus filius meus Heraclius Casticianus 620
397 Letter 70 Sebesium nostrum tuis Magnus oratores 620
c. 397-398 Letter 62 Maiora spiritus [esse] uincula Tranquillinus 620
c. 398 Letter 83 Sanctus aliquis ex fratribus Pammachius and Oceanus to Jerome 620
398 Letter 66 Sanato uulneri and in cicatrice Pammachius 620
398 Letter 71 Nec opinanti mihi subito Lucinus Baeticus 620
398 Letter 72 Zenon nauclerius per quem Vitales, a priest 620
398 Letter 73 Misiti mihi uolumen Euangelus, a priest 620
398 Letter 74 Multum in utram que partem Rufinus, a priest 620
autumn 398 Translation of the Books of Solomon according to the Hebrew later incorporated into Vulgate Chromatius and Heliodorus 591t
398 Commentary on Matthew Plures fuisse qui euangelia 590
c. 398-399 Letter 84 Schidulae quas misistis Pammachius and Oceanus 620
398 Letter 80 Scio quam plurimos Rufinus to Macharius 620
399 Letter 63 Beatissimo papae Theophilo Theophilus, Bishop of Alexandria 620
399 Letter 76 Quamquam mihi multorum Abigaum, priest 620
399 Letter 75 Lugubri nuntio consternatus Theodora Spana 620
399 Letter 81 Diu te Romae memoratum Rufinus 620
399 Letter 85 Voce me prouocas Paulinus 620
c. 400 Letter 69 Numquam fili Oceane Oceanus 620
c. 400 Letter 86 Nuper tuae beatutudinis Theophilus, Bishop of Alexandria 620
c. 400 Letter 88 Duplicem mihi gratiam Theophilus, Bishop of Alexandria 620
c. 400 Letter 89 Didici quod et sanctitas tua Theophilus, Bishop of Alexandria to Jerome 620
c. 400 Letter 91 Generalis epistula quae Epiphanius to Jerome 620
CPG 3755
400 Letter 92 Arbitror quod ante Theophilus and Council to the Palestinian Bishops 620
c.400 Letter 93 Nosti domine cuncta Reply from the Palestinian Bishops to Theophilus 620
c. 400 Letter 94 Bonus deus noster qui in Dionysius of Lydda to Theophilus 620
400 Letter 77 Plures anni sunt quod Oceanus 620
400 Letter 78 In 77 psalmo quem Fabiola 620
400 Letter 95 Grandem sollicitudinem Anastasius to Simplicitus. 620
400 Letter 79 Vereor ne officium Saluinuus 620
400 Letter 87 Sanctus episcopus Agatho Theophilus, Bishop of Alexandria, to Jerome 620
400 Letter 90 Dominus qui locutus est Theophilus, Bishop of Alexandria, to Epiphanius 620
401 Letter 96 Christum Iesum Dominum Theophilus to the Egyptian Bishops 620
c. 401-402 Letter 97 Rursum orientalibus uos Pammachius and Marcella 620
401-402 Apology against Rufinus Et uestris et multorum litteris 613
401-402 Letter 107 Beatus apost. Paulus scribens Laeta 620
402 Letter 101 Audiui peruenisse in manus Augustine to Jerome 620
402 Letter 98 Sollemnitatis augustae sermo Theophilus to the Egyptian Bishops 620
402-403 Letter 102 In ipso profectionis Augustine 620
c. 403 Letter 108 Si cuncta mei corporis Eustochium 620
403 Letter 104 Ex quo coepi ad te scribere Augustine to Jerome 620
403 Commentary on Obadiah Pammachius 589
403 Letter 105 Crebras ad me epistulas Augustine 620
404 Letter 110 Quamuis existimem antequam Augustine to Jerome 620
c. 404 Letter 111 Sicut praesens rogaui Augustine to Praesidius 620
c. 404 Rule of Pachomius Quamuis acutus gladius 619a
c. 404 Letter 99 Ex eo tempore quo beatitudinis Theophilus, Bishop of Alexandria 620
c. 404 Letter 100 Nunc quoque dei uiua Theophilus to the Egyptian Bishops 620
404 Letter 109 Acceptis litteris tuis primitus Riparius, a priest 620
404 Letter 112 Tres simul epistulas immo Augustine 620
404-405 Letter 115 Cum a sancto fratre Augustine 620
404-410 Letter 106 Vere in uobis apostolicus Sunnia and Fretela 620
Pre-406 Commentary on Habbakuk Chromatius 589
Pre-406 Commentary on Haggai Paula and Eustochium 589
405 Letter 113 Paucis in exordio placet Theophilus, Bishop of Alexandria to Jerome 620
405 Letter 114 Tardius beatitudini tuae latino Theophilus, Bishop of Alexandria 620
c. 405 Letter 116 Iam pridem tuae caritati Augustine to Jerome 620
Pre-406 Commentary on Micah Paula and Eustochium 589
Pre-406 Commentary on Nahum Paula and Eustochium 589
Pre-406 Commentary on Zephaniah Paula and Eustochium 589
Pre-406 Letter 117 Retulit mihi quidam frater A mother and daughter living in Gaul 620
from 398 to 406 Translation of The Pentateuch, Joshua, Judges, Ruth and Esther according to the Hebrew later incorporated into the Vulgate 591o
406 Commentary on Amos Pammachius 589
406 Commentary on Hosea Pammachius 589
406 Commentary on Joel Pammachius 589
406 Commentary on Malachi Minervius and Alexander, priests 589
406 Commentary on Zechariah Exsuperius, bishop of Toulouse 589
406 Letter 119 In ipso iam profectionis articulo Mineruius and Alexandrius 620
406-407 Letter 120 Quomodo perfectus esse Hedybia 620
406 Letter 121 Cur Iohannes discipulos Algasia 620
406 Against Vigilantius 611
c. 407 Letter 122 Quod ignotus ad ignotum Rusticus 620
c. 407 Translation of Tobit and Judith according to the Aramaic later incorporated into the Vulgate 591v
407 Commentary on Daniel 588
407 Letter 118 Filius meus frater tuus Iulianus, a deacon 620
409 Letter 123 In ueteri uia nouam Geruchia 620
409-410 Letter 124 Ante annos circiter 10 Auitum 620
410 Commentary on Isaiah 584
411 Letter 126 Dominus uere sanctis atque Marcellinus and Anapsychia 620
412 Letter 125 Nihil est Christiano felicius Rusticus, a monk 620
413 Letter 127 Saepe et multum flagitas Principia, a virgin 620
413 Letter 128 Causa difficilis paruulae Pacatula 620
414 Letter 130 Inter omnes materias Demetria, a virgin 620
414 Commentary on Ezekiel 587
414 Letter 129 Quaeris Dardane Dardanus 620
414 Letter 133 Non audacter ut falso putas Ctesiphon 620
Begun 414/415 Commentary on Jeremiah 586
415 Letter 131 Deum nostrum qui nos Augustine to Jerome 620
415 Letter 132 Quod ad te scripsi Augustine to Jerome 620
415 Dialogue against the Pelagians 615
416 Letter 134 Domino uere sancto et omni Augustine 620
417 Letter 135 Piissimum iter ad nos Innocentus to Aurelius 620
417 Letter 136 Numquam boni aliquid Innocentus to Jerome 620
417 Letter 137 Direptiones caedes incendia Innocentus to Iohannes 620
417 Letter 138 Christi aduersum hostes Riparius, a priest 620
418 Letter 139 Nescio qua tentatione Apronius 620
418 Letter 141 Omni quidem tempore Augustine 620
418 Letter 140 Prius te Cypriane presbyt. Cyprianus presbyter 620
418 Letter 142 Multi utraque claudicant pede Augustine 620
c. 419 Letter 151 Fortiter te contra hereticos Riparius 620
419 Letter 143 Sanctus Innocentius presbyter Alypius and Augustine 620
419 Letter 152 Multum mihi gaudii praestitit Riparius 620
419 Letter 153 Quantum gaudiis super Bonifatius, pope 620
419-420 Letter 154 Scriptum est multa flagella Donatus 620
420 Letter 144 Per religiosum presbyterum Augustine to Optatus of Milevis 620
? Letter 145 Inter omnia quae mihi Exuperantius 620
? Letter 146 Legimus in Esaia fatuus Euangelus, a priest 620
? Letter 147 Et Samuel quondam lugebat Sabinianus, a deacon 620
? *Letter 148 Vetus scripturae celebrata Pelagius to Celantia 620
Letter 149
De sollemnitatibus et sabbatis Pseudo-Jerome to (Unknown) 2278
*Letter 150
Procopiius Gaza to (Unknown) 620
*Letter 155
Nulla res uetus inquit Praesidius 621
*Letter 156
Preces uestrae praecepta Certain Hermits 621
Letter 157
Psalterium dudum Romae Paula and Eustochia 625
Letter 158
Scio quosdam putare psalterium Sophronius 625

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Compiled by: Jesse Denzin-Weber (JDW) and Dr. Glen L. Thompson (GLT), revised by Jacob Werre

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